Celbridge Paddlers Canoe Club, located on the scenic Grand Canal between Celbridge and Newcastle, has been an integral part of the communities and West Dublin and North Kildare for nearly 40 years. Despite limited resources and facilities, the club has produced many of Ireland‘s top canoeists and continues to dedicate itself to bringing the great sport of canoeing to everyone regardless of age, gender or ability.
The club got planning permission for a new clubhouse in 2014 and in 2019 we were very fortunate to be awarded a substantial grant under the Sports Capital Programme (funded by the National Lottery). Unfortunately due to the Covid 19 pandemic the development was delayed. Those delays along with the impact of Brexit have given us the challenge of completing the job within deadline and on budget in the midst of a busy and costly time for the construction sector.
We are determined to make sure that we continue with our commitment to build a quality facility for the benefit of our local community and the great sport of Canoeing. The sports capital grant will suffice to build the shell of the building. To transform the building into a quality clubhouse we need facilities and equipment. We are hoping our GoFundMe page will gather support from club members, family, friends, local communities, businesses, our canoeing peers and fellow athletes. We rely on your generosity and goodwill to ensure we can deliver this project to completion. All funds raised will be used to fit out the new clubhouse with essential facilities and equipment. This will enable us to better serve our community by opening up Celbridge Paddlers Canoe Club and the sport of Canoeing to everyone.
Thank you so much for your support! 

The Committee, Celbridge Paddlers Canoe Club 

September, 2021